Choosing a kitchen tabletop is an important and crucial part of the entire future functionality of a ready-built kitchen. It is this part that is under the biggest load.

What is a good tabletop

The choice of this part of a ready-built kitchen begins with finding a match to the overall colour scheme of the kitchen. When selecting the tone for your tabletop, it is necessary to focus on the face colours, they should harmoniously resonate. The light shades of the tabletop will be more practical, because stains and traces of use are harder to notice on a light surface.

Key features that play a crucial role: 

  • lifetime;
  • ease of care, the surface should be easy to clean and should not absorb dirt and odours;
  • resistance to moisture, high temperatures, mechanical shocks;
  • environmental compliance;
  • price component.

Popular tabletop materials

Manufacturers offer modern solutions made of natural and artificial materials:

  • artificial stone;
  • natural stone;
  • Fenix NTM;
  • tabletops made of laminated particle board;
  • wood and other.

There is no single true and universal option among them. Each one of them is good in its own way. For example, cheaper artificial materials are attractive externally, easy to install and practical, but poorly withstand interaction with water or high temperature. 

Wood has an attractive appearance, a pleasant structure and can be sanded in case of damage, but requires careful care and treatment.

Tabletops made of artificial stone have a presentable appearance, they are easy to care, do not absorb dirt and moisture, are easily restored in case of damage, have no joints.

Natural stone is sustainable and durable, fits any style, is resistant to damage and retains its original appearance for many years.