Choosing a colour scheme is one of the important aspects of kitchen design. Experts advise to choose colours and shades that create a good mood in any weather, because they do not depend on change of lighting and fill with energy of life. It is very important to choose the right colour, as it will be the guarantee of a cosy atmosphere in your house.

Best colours for the kitchen

Every year boosts the popularity of a specific colour, however, kitchens have been decorated in pleasant shades of the following set of colours for already several years.


This colour is now considered to be the leader. It has previously been rejected for being gloomy, but the tried-and-tested combinations of shades have made it possible to look at the grey colour from a different perspective. Using the right shade of grey and combining it with light or bright items, you will be pleasantly surprised by the result and definitely not stay indifferent.


The palette of the blue colour is elegant and sophisticated, yet still soft. It is a great choice for any connoisseur of interior who is ready to give up the usual neutral light tones. Blue shades in the kitchen can look expensive, sophisticated and noble.


The favourite classic. Today it is also appropriate in combinations of warm shades (milk-white, creme brulee, champagne and others). Adding bluish-black (anthracite, graphite) matte finish or metallic accents to the white colour is a successful and correct solution that emphasises taste. The white colour looks incredibly cosy in the kitchen.


It is a natural colour that is always relevant, but there should not be much of it. Many people often choose brown for its calming effect and calm combinations. It is always comfortable and cosy in a brown kitchen.


An expensive and elegant colour, which fits any colour combination, if you emphasise the details correctly and respect the balance. A black kitchen will look good in a strict minimalist, high-tech or art deco interior.

Let the chosen colour scheme resemble natural combinations, because then its sound will be harmonious and pleasant.